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Quick Dam Flood Barrier

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Quick Dam Sandless Sandbags and Flood Barriers are non-hazardous, non-toxic and will naturally degrade over time. Quick Dam flood control products contain a super absorbent powder that absorbs water, swells, gels and creates a barrier, containing or diverting problem water.

Can be used in and around your home, property, business, construction site and more. Place Quick Dams in areas to absorb, contain or divert problem water. Stack multiple Quick Dam Sandless Sandbags to build a retaining wall. Lay flood barriers across driveways, in front of garage doors or in the path of problem water.

Ready to use, just add water. Expands on contact with water to full size in just 5 minutes and can be double stacked for increased protection. Easily carry several at a time. Quick and easy to use. 

  • LENGTH INCHES: 60 (152.4 cm)
  • LENGTH FEET: 5 (1.52 m)
  • WIDTH INCHES: 6 (15.24 cm)
  • HEIGHT INCHES: 3 (7.62 cm)
  • BRAND: Absorbent Specialty Products
  • CONSTRUCTION: Durable Needlepunch Fabric
  • SHELF LIFE: 5 Years
  • TYPE: Expanding Rectangle
  • WEIGHT LBS: 0.6 (.27 kg)
  • STORAGE: Cool, Dry Place
  • PRODUCT FAMILY: Leak Diverter Barriers
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