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Traffic Wand Red/Green Solid or Flash/Strobe

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Glow baton features highly visible 360° LED illuminated surface, allows you to safely direct people and vehicles around a area. It can glow, flash, and strobe.

Features: • 2 Colors • Bright Glow, Flash, Strobe • White rugged body • Water resistant • Bright LED • No bulbs to replace • 72 hours of continuous glow • C-Cell batteries • Slip resistant rubber grip • No standard flare hazards - 16'' Long Applications: • Traffic and crowd control • Police operations • Military procedures • Search and rescue operations • Marine signaling • Safer event parking • Aircraft signaling • Fire / rescue operations
OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS: 1-Press button once for Red, Press again for Green, Press again for off 2-Steady Glow Press and quickly release button 3-Flashing Pattern Press and hold button [approx 4 seconds] changes from Steady Glow to Flashing 4-Strobe Pattern  Press and hold button [approx 6 seconds] changes from steady Glow to Flashing then to Strobe
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