Natural Stone, Boulders and Flagstone

Natural Stone will add some natural beauty to your landscape. We have a variety of boulders that are wonderful for providing an eye-catching accent to your yard. Plus, our Flagstone pavers are fantastic for creating a lovely patio or pathway. So, if you're searching for something genuinely one-of-a-kind, go no further than our Natural Stone products.
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BC Stackable Boulders TMH Industries

BC Stackable Boulders

$0.20 – $440.00
BC Stackable Boulders is a building technique that has been used for generations to construct structures without the use of mortar to hold the stone pieces together. For strength and...
Limestone Boulders TMH Industries

Limestone Boulders

$0.06 – $132.24
Beautiful Rock Perfect for your yard or front house decoration. you can engrave through this rock for any names or words as you wish to put on. Shipping rates are...
Class 1 Limestone Boulders TMH Industries

Class 1 Limestone Boulders

$0.06 – $132.24
Class 1  Limestone Boulders comes in varying sizes, these decorative rocks are a perfect centerpiece for a backyard or even a front yard.
Rundle Flagstone TMH Industries
Per Pallet

Rundle Flagstone

Ideal for patio's, pathway, and small flower beds.
Jersey Barriers TMH Industries

Jersey Barriers

Jersey Barriers are an excellent choice when it comes to rerouting traffic, protecting pedestrians and workers during highway construction, and providing a buffer between opposing lanes of traffic on high-speed...