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Other product that we carry is firewood, ice melt and all other winter products.
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Mix Larch/Douglas Fir Firewood Bags TMH Industries

Mix Larch/Douglas Fir Firewood Bags

1.5 Cubit Foot Firewood Bags Larch and Douglas Fir are a premium softwood firewood mix. They have high density and premium quality burning. While burning this firewood mix it provides...
Naturally Seasoned Silver Birch Firewood Bags TMH Industries

Naturally Seasoned Silver Birch Firewood Bags

1.5 Cubic Foot Firewood Bags Silver Birch is a premium hardwood that is sourced out of Alberta and Saskatchewan. Birch firewood is effective for any firewood needs you have either...
Kiln Dried Kindling TMH Industries

Kiln Dried Kindling

Kiln Dried Kindling is a premium softwood that burns hot and fast. It makes excellent kindling because of how easy it is to light. When using Cedar as firewood, you...
Alberta Lodgepole Pine Firewood Bags TMH Industries

Alberta Lodgepole Pine Firewood Bags

1.0 Cubic Foot Firewood Bags Our Alberta Lodgepole Pine is cut dead standing and naturally seasoned, then tested with moisture meters to ensure optimal moisture level for burning. It comes...
Snow Poles TMH Industries

Snow Poles

Snow Poles Reflective tape, a sharpened end, and a safety cap distinguish these high-quality fiberglass marking stakes. Snow contractors, excavators, road builders, and seismic businesses use this product to safely...
Ultimate Snow Shovel TMH Industries
24" Snow Shovel30" Snow Shovel36" Snow Shovel

Ultimate Snow Shovel

Ultimate Snow Shovel is intended to outperform and outlast any regular snow shovel currently on the market. This is the choice of professional snow contractors, facility operators, and ice rinks...
Thermal Latex Coated Gloves TMH Industries

Thermal Latex Coated Gloves

In chilly weather, the thermal acrylic liner keeps hands warm. The crinkle finish provides exceptional "gription."
Firewood in Crate TMH Industries
1/2 Cord = 64 CU FT

Firewood in Crate

With our Firewood, you'll be able to stay warm this winter. For both commercial and residential clients, we provide and distribute a wide range of clean, well-seasoned, slow-burning wood. Firewood...
Firewood in Big Bags TMH Industries

Firewood in Big Bags

$155.85 – $299.21
COMES IN A BAG Are you buying expensive bags of firewood at gas stations & campgrounds? STOP! TMH Industries now offers Firewood in convenient grab-and-go bags, and Pine in BULK...