Custom Bagging

Custom Bag Filling TMH Industries


Have TMH Industries build your custom bags for any application purpose required. Choose the Size, Weave, and Color of the Bag, then choose the Fill Product that will work best for your application.



Examples of our Specialized Custom Bags:

  • Aircraft Ballast Bags
  • Seismic Geophone Bags (Protection & Identification)
  • Mega Sandbags for Temporary Dam Construction (2,267 kg. / 5000 lb.)
  • Submersible Concrete Bags (for applications where loose product would be washed away)
  • Tube Sandbags (where a continuous product is required up to 500 ft.)


TMH Industries Inc. always stocks a large supply of Polypropylene, Burlap and PVC Sandbags available for immediate shipment anywhere in Canada.



  • Dense tight weave to keep sand / product dry
  • Double sewn seams
  • Hemmed bottom / UV resistant metal tied
  • Resists punctures and/or tears
  • UV or Non UV Treated
  • Colored Sandbags for high visibility