• A bundle holds 1.5 cu ft. of firewood.
  • Easy to handle and transport. Great for grab and go situations. 
  • Eco-friendly bundles come without bags, reducing waste and giving you more wood for your money.
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Bulk Firewood For Sale - TMH Industries

  • Sold loose and unstacked. 
  • TMH offers stacking services for an additional fee.
  • The most economical option compared to bundles or bulk bags.
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Bulk Bag Firewood For Sale - TMH Industries

  • Firewood is stacked in large, heavy-duty bags. 
  • Easier to handle and transport than loose bulk.
  • Clean, convenient, and time-saving.
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Small Bundles, Bulk and Bulk Bags

Whether you're a novice or a seasoned veteran, everyone deserves the ambience, social setting, and radiating heat that a good fire can bring.