Self Load or Machine Load

Access Top-Tier Machinery and Tools for Your Project Needs

1/4 Cord Bulk Bag $134.19 1/4 Cord Bulk Bag $164.19
1/2 Cord $238.38
1 Cord $413.41 1 Cord $471.41
 1/4 CORD Bulk Bag Self Load Pick-up Customer Discretion when loading out of bag into personal vehicle. 
1/4 CORD Bulk Bag Machine Loaded TMH Loads bag into customers open back pick up truck or trailer.
1/2 Cord Self Load Crate Customer Discretion when loading out of crate into personal vehicle.
1 Cord Self Load Bag Pick-up Customer Discretion when loading out of bag into personal vehicle.
1 Cord Bag Machine Loaded TMH Loads Bag Into Customers Trailer

Construction Rentals

TMH Industries Landscape Supply has an extensive variety of sea-cans (Portable Storage Container) and Construction equipment rentals to serve the needs of commercial, residential, industrial, and specialized service industries, as well as homeowners and do-it-yourself.
Seacan | Shipping Container Rental Calgary

Seacans | Shipping Container

We provide secure rental storage containers that can be delivered to you or filled at our facility.
Our rental fleet is available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 8' to 53' long. A 20' unit is the most widely used size for residential storage and relocation because it will fit in most driveways!

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Temporary Fence Construction Panels - TMH Industries

Temporary Fence Panels

Our temporary fence panels are high-quality items that are ideal for putting around construction sites, covering buildings, and managing traffic at major events. They're also a good option for folks who have pets, because they may be utilized as a temporary dog fence or a secure farm enclosure.

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Access Mats and Temporary Road - TMH Industries

Access Mats

Composite mat products provide a perfect solution for machines with rubber tires. Construction in tough regions becomes considerably easier, more convenient, and environmentally friendly when using these ground protection mats.

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Metal Road Plates - TMH Industries

Steel Road Plates

Road plates are intended to serve as a temporary solution for ground excavations or broken road areas where pedestrians, traffic, or machinery require access.

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Porta Potties Rentals - TMH Industries

Porta Potties

For those times when nature just won't wait, don't get caught in a bind - use the TMH porta potty! Perfect for construction sites, outdoor events, and more!

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Rubber Mats - TMH Industries

Rubber Mats

These rubber mats are substantial and generally sturdy, but because they are made of re-vulcanized rubber they are best used outdoors or in areas with plenty of ventilation.

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Rubber Rolls - TMH Industries

Rubber Rolls

High quality access mats rubber rolls for access solution and ground protection.

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Water Tank - TMH Industries

Liquid Storage Tanks

Landscape holding tank for fertilizer or portable water. It's ideal for storing liquids in bulk.

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Water Pumps and Hose - TMH Industries

Water Pump & Hoses

Durable trash pumps in 3 inches discharge & 1HP. Designed to pump water containing sand, solids and debris with minimal wear and clogging.

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Hydraulic Power Unit - TMH Industries

Hydraulic Power Unit

Its powerful 18 HP Briggs & Stratton engine and best-in-class cooling system deliver the power and heat rejection that pros need to keep tools working uninterrupted all day in all types of conditions.

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Generator - TMH Industries


TMH Industries carried generator, whether you want to give backup power to your house or workplace, or you just want to power up your tailgate, RV, or workspace.

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Construction Signage and Barricades - TMH Industries

Signage & Barricades

Concrete blocks or commonly known as Concrete "Lego" Blocks are useful for many types of applications and come in a variety of sizes. Standard concrete blocks are 2.5’ x 2.5’ x 5.0’ and weigh approximately 1,800 kg

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Skeleton Bucket - TMH Industries

Skeleton Bucket

The 60-inch Rock bucket from TMH Industries is perfect for loading rock, tilling soil prior to planting, sifting debris from dirt or sand, and more!

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Medium Mat Grapple TMH Industries

Medium Mat Grapple

It is an extremely versatile tool for loading, unloading, and precisely positioning rig mats, which are commonly used to gain access to and work in remote areas.

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Jersey Barriers TMH Industries

Jersey Barriers

Jersey Barriers are an excellent choice when it comes to rerouting traffic, protecting pedestrians and workers during highway construction, and providing a buffer between opposing lanes of traffic on high-speed highways.

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Concrete Auger Bucket TMH Industries

Concrete Auger Bucket

Filling sandbags, distributing materials, and more!

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Wheel Barrow Rental - TMH Industries


Conquer your toughest tasks with our rental wheelbarrows. These sturdy companions make hauling mulch, soil, rocks, or firewood a breeze. Their spacious design helps you transport large loads, while the durable construction ensures a smooth ride across your yard.

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Steel Lawn Roller Rental - TMH Industries

Steel Lawn Roller

Achieve that lush, professional-looking lawn with our rental steel lawn rollers. These rollers help you smooth uneven surfaces, improve drainage, and promote seed germination. By creating a uniform, compacted base, you'll cultivate a healthy, flourishing lawn.

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