We're More Than Just Your Average Landscape Supply Store

We're More Than Just Your Average Landscape Supply Store TMH Industries

We're More Than Just Your Average Landscape Supply Store


When you think “landscape supply store”, what is the first thing that comes to mind? If your answer involves “big box” or “department store”, then you are not alone. Many people see landscape supply stores as little more than a box retailer of specialty products with no real character or value other than convenience. It is true that our industry has been dominated by big box chains and department stores with limited brand representation and vendor selection. However, there is much more to the landscape supply industry than meets the eye. TMH Industries Landscape Supply is a leading example of what an independent and locally owned supply business can be. We are not some giant corporation that owns multiple locations in different city, but rather a small business operating out of one location in Calgary, AB. with ownership vested in local individuals who identify with and care about our community.


What We Offer That The Big Guys Don't


While there are many reasons why we are a better option for supply shopping than big box stores, there are three things that really set us apart. First, we have much better product selection than what you would find at most big box stores. We are not just a garden supply superstore. We specialize in landscaping supplies and can offer you top-quality products and brands that are specific to your industry. Secondly, we have better customer service than what many of the big box stores can offer. We are a small business that knows our customers by name, and strives to provide a personalized and friendly experience. Lastly, we provide personalized service. We do not just supply you with what you need, but help you understand why those products are best for your project.


So, Why Shop at TMH Industries Landscape Supply Stores?

While the above list is a great start to make your decision, the real reason why you should shop at TMH Industries landscape supply store is because you deserve better. You deserve a shopping experience that is friendly, personalized, and values your business. You deserve great quality products that are designed for your industry and match the aesthetic of your business's design. And, you deserve to be treated like a person with a specific project, rather than another generic customer number. You deserve better, and you can have it with a little digging and research.


Why You Should Go Local When Shopping for Landscape Supplies


When you shop locally, you are not only supporting your local economy, you are also supporting small businesses that employ your fellow community members. In fact, when you shop at a local business, 60-70% of your money stays in your community compared to only 20-30% when shopping at a corporate store. This means that if you spent $100 at a local business, $60 of that stays in your community, compared to only $20 if you had spent that $100 at a national chain. Not only are you supporting your community by shopping locally, but you are also ensuring that your business is ethically sourced and that your purchases have a positive impact on the environment.

What's So Great About Local Businesses?

There are many reasons why shopping local is a better choice for customers. First, when you shop local, you know exactly where your money is going. You can easily research and find out who owns the business and where your money is going as a customer. When you shop at a local business, you know exactly who you are supporting and who you are investing your money in. Local businesses are much more likely to give back to the community through donations and supporting community initiatives.




While there are many benefits to shopping at TMH Industries landscape supply store, the most important is the relationship you will build with the owner of that store. There is something very special about getting to know your local landscape supply store owner and forming a personal relationship with them. You can learn about their story and be inspired by their journey and passion for their industry. You can also get advice about your project and get personalized product recommendations. You can build a relationship based on trust and friendship, rather than just being another anonymous customer who walks in and out of the store daily. When you shop at TMH Industries landscape & construction supply store, you are not just another customer walking through the door. You are an individual with a specific project, who deserves to be treated with care.


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