Ideal Sandbags Weights for Winter Vehicle Traction

Ideal Sandbags Weights for Winter Vehicle Traction
TMH Industries provides the ultimate guide to using
sandbags for vehicle traction. Find the right weight for your car, SUV, van, or
truck and stay secure.

The Essential Guide to Sandbags for Vehicle Traction

In winter driving can be unpredictable, but with TMH Industries' sandbags, you can prepare for the seasons challenges and help keep your vehicle stable on slick roads. Consumers have explained that the right amount of weight to your vehicle can significantly improve traction, especially in rear-wheel-drive vehicles.


Small Cars
Lightweight vehicles like small cars can easily lose traction in snowy or icy conditions. To combat this, consumers have been placing 300lb - 400lbs of sandbags in the trunk over the rear axle as they say it can provide the added weight needed to keep the vehicle grounded without compromising its performance. This additional weight helps the rear tires maintain better contact with the road, offering improved traction and control.

SUVs and Vans
SUVs and vans, which are typically heavier and may be all-wheel or front-wheel drive, still benefit from added weight in winter conditions. Consumers typically use 300lb - 500lb of sandbags to help provide traction, especially if these vehicles are rear-wheel drive. Consumers typically place in the cargo area to help distribute the weight evenly.

For trucks, which often have empty beds and can become unbalanced in icy conditions, more weight is usually necessary. Consumers have been known to add 500lb - 700lb of sandbags placed near or over the rear axle of the vehicle to
provide the weight for improved traction. This additional weight helps prevent the rear end from sliding during acceleration or on slippery surfaces.

Why Choose TMH Industries Sandbags?

TMH Industries offers a range of sandbag weights, from
10lb to 50lb, to suit any type of vehicle and need. Our sandbags are designed
to be durable and weather-resistant, ensuring they last throughout the winter
months. By choosing the right sandbag weight for your vehicle, you can drive
with confidence, knowing you have taken an important step towards enhancing
your safety on the road.

In conclusion, using sandbags for vehicle traction
is a simple and effective way to increase your safety during winter driving.
Whether you drive a small car, an SUV, a van, or a truck, TMH Industries has
the right sandbag weight to help you maintain control in slippery conditions.
Contact us today to find out more about our products and how they can help keep
you safe this winter.



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Glenda Robinson

Thank you for this information. I recently purchased a 2024 4 Runner TRD Sport and while driving during breezy weather today, I felt a shift. What can I do to keep it from gearing to another lane? Does sandbags help?

February 24, 2024 at 23:51pm

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