Delivery Options

At TMH Industries, we understand the importance of getting the right materials in a timely manner for your project. We offer a variety of convenient and affordable delivery options to keep your project on track. We cater to projects of all sizes, whether you're a homeowner tackling a backyard renovation or a contractor working on a large development. Here's a breakdown of our delivery services to help you choose the right fit:

Loose Bulk Delivery (Within Calgary City Limits)

Ideal for large quantities of loose materials like decorative rock, gravel, sand, or soil. We offer competitive rates based on the amount you need:

  • 1-5 Yards: $130
  • 6-12 Yards: $155

Loose Bulk Delivery (Outside City Limits)

Need materials delivered outside Calgary? No problem! Give us a call at 403-899-9244 to discuss pricing.

Split Load Delivery

Working with multiple materials? We can deliver up to 2 yards each of two different bulk products, or, up to 2 yards of one bulk product and 1-2 bulk bag products in a single load, saving you time and money.

  • $150 - 2 bulk products (up to 4 yards)
  • $150 - 1 bulk product (up to 2 yards) and 1 bulk bag
  • $170 - 1 bulk product (up to 2 yards) and 2 bulk bags

This delivery service must be placed over the phone, or in store.

Bulk Bag Delivery

For projects requiring bagged materials, we offer two convenient bulk bag delivery options:

Bulk Bag Slide Drop

This is the most affordable bulk bag delivery service! We deliver 1 cubic yard bags directly to your site with our slide drop system. The bulk bags are unloaded from the truck by sliding them onto the ground.

$130 - 1st bulk bag
$20/bag - Additional bulk bags (up to 3)

This delivery service must be placed over the phone, or in store.

Moffat Bulk Bag Delivery

Need more precise placement of your bulk bags? Our professional moffat delivery service utilizes a forklift to position the bags on a specific surface (drivers discretion). Simply specify the drop location during checkout.

$200 - 1st bulk bag
$60/bag - Additional bulk bags (up to 6)

Small Order Delivery

Need to get small supplies delivered within Calgary? For orders up to 350lbs, we offer convenient and affordable curbside delivery within Calgary city limits.

$50 per delivery


Additional Information:

To ensure a smooth delivery experience, please be sure to have a clear path for our trucks to access the delivery location.
Please view our delivery guidelines here:
If you select Calgary delivery while located outside the city limits, don't worry! We will contact you to discuss the additional delivery charges before finalizing your order.